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Thank you for joining us on this new and exciting club web page, that will bring you the latest news on up and coming competitions, latest results and photo's, Also a brief summery and highlights of the event. Whether it is Pattern or Scale Aerobatics, Cell Gliders, Pylon Racing, Scale Rally’s, Old Timers etc... All will be reported on for club members to review. So If a Member has Photo's and a report of a recent comp in their chosen field it is up to you to forward me the data so I can upload the results and review A.S.A.P. Lets get the word out there on how fun and rewarding this sport can be, and introduce more members to our club, which has one of the best facilities and flying fields in Australia.






2m Thermal Glider




Maitland ASAA Championships



Well it was time for another scale competition, this time held up at Maitland. The IMAC boys which consisted of Rick, Daryl, David and myself were all keen as musted, well practiced and relaxed for the next 2 days of competitions. We all Left on the Friday afternoon but at different intervals, some drove strait there and others like Daryl, Declan, Myself and support crew/photographer which was Daryl’s father all could not resist the temptation of filling our bellies with performance enhancing food, the famous king on junk food, MACKA'S! We soon arrived at Maitland that night and the temperature was bloody cold but fine weather was forecast for the next 2 days as a high pressure system was hanging around. We met in David and Brian’s room to talk aerobatics, let a few bad jokes go, but most impotently indulge in the finer things in life which consisted of treating our pallets to the fine crisp cold taste of Toohys New!! {Thanks Brian}.

 Saturday morning brought the coldest winter morning we have experienced this year, it got down to -2 degrease that night in Maitland, but also brought the most magnificent weather you could imagine, no wind and blue sky’s all day. We set up our planes as we shivered in the cold and had our pilots briefing not long after.

 It was show time and Basic was up first, with a 12 pilots strong field it was going to be a good show down for the next 2 days. As soon as 1 pilot was finishing his sequence another was in the box before ready to start his. Round one went great for me as I managed to win the first sequence which was my first ever win. Round 2 told a different story as both flights were the worst ones for the 2 days and were thrown.



 Daryl was up next in Sportsman with his Extra 260, with a 6 pilots strong field this one was going right down to the wire. Round one was great to watch as both Daryl and Gavan Paton dulled it out for first place. Daryl scoring very high on his first sequences just a few points behind Gavan. Round 2 was the same story, with 2 smooth flights they were locked in battle with only a few points separating them? I think the adrenaline and nerves were also at play with both pilots, as the porta loo was getting some attention thereout the day.

 It was time for Advanced with Rick and his yellow big bird, the Extra 300 finally comes out to play. Unfortunately numbers were down in this class to 2 pilots, Mathew Dorling promoting himself from intermediate so Rick and Mathew could have a good competition. Both pilots flew exceptionally well in both rounds as Mathew was snapping at Ricks heels all day. Rick flew his Extra with a few changes to his control throws which made his snap rolls quick and precise; it looked like a different plane from last comp at Queanbeyan.

 Soon the big guns were up in unlimited, and David McFarlane’s comp Extra was soon in the air. David won the first round which to my eyes was a flawless flight, with Shane Lysaght only a few point behind. It was probably the closest competition of the day with only around 150-200 points in it. 

Sunday brought great weather again, overcast but no wind! The Sunday was a mirror image of Saturday with the top guys up first doing their unknowns with David taking his out. Rick won his unknown and Daryl second on his with Basic not given one to fly, I’ve got to be happy about that!
By the end of the rounds we were all happy to finish and pack up for the long drive home. With David winning the Unlimited, Rick Advanced, Daryl Coming second in Sportsman and I came in second with Basic. With special thanks must go to Rick and David for the great advice and constant coaching that they provide for Daryl and I at these events, without this support it would make it much more difficult to compete at a high standard

Father and Son Moment

Coota Scale held at Canberra