Illawarra Model Aero Club - IMAC

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Membership - Join or Renew

Why join IMAC?

The benefits of joining IMAC include

  • Third party insurance provided through affiliation with the MAAA
    • Have you ever thought of the financial/ legal consequences of your model damaging a third party’s person or property?
  • Approved flying field
    • Flying model aircraft is not permitted in parks and public spaces
  • Instruction to solo standard for beginners
    • Minimise the risk of crashing your new model when you are learning
  • Support of people experienced in building and flying a wide range of model aircraft
    • How to set up your model
    • How to operate and tune your engine
    • Building and repair techniques
    • Flying skills development
  • Fellowship of a group of people with a common aim
    • Wide range of different modelling interests

How Do I Join IMAC?

There are three steps in the process to join IMAC

  1. Fill in the membership application form
    1. Form can be downloaded from this site. Here
    2. Form can be supplied by Model Sports at 138 Princes Highway Fairy Meadow
    3. Write to IMAC Secretary at PO Box 1536 Wollongong 2500 NSW
  2. Pay the required membership fee
    1. Payment can be made at Model Sports at 138 Princes Highway Fairy Meadow
    2. Payment can be made by post to the Secretary at PO Box 1536 Wollongong 2500 NSW
    3. Payment can be made in person at the flying field to a Club Committee Member
  3. Confirm Membership
    • Membership applications are submitted to the Committee for approval and membership is only confirmed after approval is given. However the prospective member is able to commence flying activities immediately after payment is received by the Club.

How much are the membership Fees?

The Club has two different categories of membership fees.

  1. Radio Control
  2. Control Line

In each of these categories there are Senior, Junior and Pensioner fees.

The fees consist of two parts- the affiliation fee payable to the MAAA and MAS NSW which covers insurance and administration charges and the Club component which covers the cost of operating IMAC. The details of the various fees can be downloaded from here.